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To help you with your furniture selection, we offer a "Fabric Selection Service". We put together a group of coordinating eco-friendly fabrics especially for you and your home - in order for us to do this accurately, please fill out the form below and press submit. The cost of this service is $250 which is reimbursed once your furniture is ordered. The fabrics will be sent first by email and once you are satisfied with the appearance of the fabrics, the actual fabrics are sent to you along with a prepaid return enveloped so you can easily return the fabrics to us. The $250 is due before the actual fabrics are mailed to you. If the fabrics are not returned you will be charged for the samples. Once the fabrics are selected we can then send you an exact proposal for the desired furniture pieces.



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What aspects of GREEN Design are important to you?  Check all that apply.

Organic    Non-toxic    Sustainability   Natural fibers    Made in the USA

Rapidly renewable Recycled and Reclaimed     Efficiency

Comments on your Green and Eco-friendly goals or lifestyle:

Which pieces of furniture do you need fabric selections for?

How many coordinating fabrics would you like?

What is your approximate budget per yard of fabric? 

less than $40    $40 - $65     $65 - $90     more than $90 a mix of prices Unsure

Budget Comments:

Would you like a paint color to coordinate with the fabric selected:

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Do you have a color scheme in mind?  Describe below:

Describe the existing colors and finishes that need to coordinate with the fabrics:

*email photos of the space and items to remain in the room plus paint samples.

What is your decorating style?  Check all that apply.

Eclectic    Traditional   Modern/Contemporary    Transitional    Country

International    Minimalist    Rustic    Cottage    Theme    Other

Style Comments:

What type of fabrics do you like?  Check all that apply.

Organic Cotton    Wool   Eco-Blends    Eco-Leathers    Recycled Poly  Linen

Hemp  Bamboo  Stain protected   Durable   Fade resistant   Other

Comments on fabric:

What patterns do you like?  Check all that apply.

Bright     Restrained Floral   Abstract    Plaids    Tone on Tone Stripes

Beach    Nautical Foliage    Juvenile    Outdoor   Paisley

Twill    Dots/Circles Tropical    Novelty    Geometric   Scroll

Tweeds    Toile Damask    Animal Prints    Contemporary   Other

Comments on patterns:

What mood or feeling do you want your home to possess?  Check all that apply.

Tranquil    Exciting  Cozy    Warm    Intimate   Elegant   

Bright and Cheerful    Airy   Sophisticated    Uncluttered    Formal

Casual   Relaxed   Between Relaxed and Formal  Romantic   Other

Comments on mood or feeling:

Additional Comments on fabric selections:

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